Great start, BTS video & FAQs!

Hello you lovely bunch!

Thank you so much for the support and thank you for the great start in this campaign! Two days after launch we're at ~25%  :D

If you know people who would enjoy this project, please consider sharing it with them!

Sharing is, in the end, caring. 

Behing the scenes #1 - How we animate

Our animation hero Sarah made a little video on how Shakes & Fidget will be animated in the game. Check it out down below!

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes material in upcomming updates!

Answers to your questions

We recieved a lot of questions like "How are you?" (Fine, by the way. Thanks!) or "Seriously though, which plattforms are you releasing it for?".

For Answers, check out our brand-new >>handy FAQ section<<.

Please continue to ask questions! The FAQ is a living document that will be updated if new questions come up regularly!