1/3, about music, german FAQ & updates!

One! Third!

We reached a third of our goal! Again, thank you so much for your support.

However, it is not over yet! We need to reach people who like point & click adventures, whacky humor and great stories!

About music

A question that popped up regularly was, how we plan to musically breathe life into "Shakes & Fidget - The Adventure".

While we can't go into details just yet (except that there will be a lot of Benny Oschmann), please take a look on how we did music in our past Kickstarter games:

Updates in German!

Wir wollen, dass ihr auf dem Laufenden bleibt. Leider gibt es hier noch keine Möglichkeit zweisprachige Updates zu machen.

Wir haben hier für euch das FAQ sowie die Updates in Deutsch online gestellt: